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Warehouse Legal Liability

We are among a very few law firms in the country with proven expertise in warehouse legal liability coverage and claims. We have litigated and tried a wide variety of warehouse claims including those involving fires, ammonia leaks and thefts. We successfully defended a public warehouse operator in a lawsuit involving a communicated fire that resulted in 80 lawsuits involving 186 plaintiffs, 28 defendants and damages of approximately $150 million. In another lawsuit, we convinced a jury that plaintiff’s computers that our warehouse client misdelivered were worth just over $6,000 rather than the more than $2 million plaintiff claimed.


Because of the bailment relationship, warehouse operators can be found liable for product damage if they do not take appropriate steps before and after a loss has occurred. We provide prompt and accurate advice to underwriters and warehouse operators to assist them in avoiding and minimizing such damage. The firm's expertise extends not only to public warehousing but also to contract warehousing, field warehousing, household goods storage, records storage and other bailment relationships.

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